License to help you - who am I

License to help you – who am I?


I have been a leader in the IT Industry for over 30 years, and now I have chosen to use my experience and knowledge to advice and coach other leaders.


My background, besides learning by doing, is several theoretical tools from Certificate In Business Administration by “AVT Institute of Executive Education” and a coach certification from “Sofia Manning”.


I am very goal oriented person and strive for simplicity in solutions.


  • I believe that you can have a lot of theoretical education, but it is through your practicing that you make the difference.
  • I believe in entity thinking, both in running a business and in working with the individual human being in the company.
  • I believe that results must be in focus, not processes, internal power fights, or one’s own gain.
  • I believe that you get the maximal outcome by being authentic – Walk the talk, is for me a fundamental deed.
  • I believe that you must like people to practice leadership.
  • I believe that happy employees gives the highest engagement and responsibility and thereby creates the best results.


I believe that you as a leader have to take many tough and difficult decisions, but if you do it to keep the business healthy on the long run, do it in a proper manner and with trustworthy communication, then the employers will respect you for the decisions.


I know that, as a leader one of the biggest challenges is to create change and to implement change. I have done it with success many times, and I can support you in your process.


I live in the North of Jutland in Denmark, and is a globally oriented person. I can work all over the world.


My values are honesty, integrity, engagement and due care.


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