My background

My background


IT – when it called EDB, I discovered through my teacher in math in primary school. He gave me three books, which he thought I should read. And YES, it sounded really exciting and I can confirm that it has been and still is very exciting to be in the IT Industry.


Why? The reason for me is that you continuously must be ready to change, to use your creativity and possibilities to add more and more value to a costumer. Furthermore development in technology creates enormous possibilities to do work better and smarter.


I have spent my carrier in KMD A/S in 13 different jobs. All the jobs have had very different challenges, different people and partly different sub cultures. Most of my jobs have been within the technical part of IT and I admit that even though I have been a leader for many years, I am still enthusiastic about component drawings and infrastructure discussions.


I am also a board member in KFS Boligbyg A/S – a construction company. This is a task, which has been and still is very challenging as the market possibilities for the company changes continuously.


Some key words cover all my jobs:

The need for change – both in tasks and culture, strategy changes/implementation, work with people, need for creativity, problem solving and business development.


I have been lucky to work with customers, vendors and of course all the very skilled employees.


In addition, I have had the privilege with huge freedom to do my jobs in my own way.


Here is a list of my different jobs.

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