Business coaching

Business coaching

As a leader, I have coached for many years, but beside this, I have also worked as an independent coach for several people outside my organization and outside the company.


Leadership will never become tedious. Whatever you want, do and have as goals, you can become enriched by sparring. Besides traditional coaching, you can also draw upon my experience as a leader. I believe that the more insight you have in yourself the better leader you become.


I can also help you with specific business challenges. You might have many professional goals, but have difficulties in realizing them.


Maybe you do not have a big need right now, but just want someone you can call or visit, whenever you need an objective dialog. This I can do, but it would be a huge advantage for both you and me, if we know each other, before you are in acute need. Alternatively, we start when you need me.


A leader is also a human being and as I believe in a 360-degree holistic approach for each individual, I include all parts of life in my coaching.


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