IT’s value for the business – Value for money or?

IT’s value for the business – Value for money or?

An IT department and its support is a service for the company’s core business in the same way as a finance department and HR. However, opposite the two last, it can be very difficult to understand what the IT department adds, what the IT support costs and who the internal costumers are. Too many businesses give up on getting true insight in the value of IT for the company and what all the money are spent on.


Efficient IT solutions are very often complex, its components need ongoing maintenance, and many changes in core business demands changes in IT solutions. However, the complexity is not the costumer’s problem; they must be meet with a language and descriptions, which match their professional knowledge.


The IT department must - in close collaboration with core business - create visibility, transparency and comprehension for the value added from IT. New IT projects must prove their economic value added to core business.


Let me help you create visibility, transparency, increase satisfaction in core business, acknowledgment of IT solutions’ value for the internal costumer and make the models for the continuously collaboration.


The process, I use:

  • Situation analysis – a picture on status 360°
  • Proposals for actions including communication and measurements
  • Relevant models
  • Implementation plan and follow up.


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