Business development/management

Business development/management

From strategy to realized goals

I work with your needs as the basis and there are many tools we can use. The most important is to choose those that give value in the present situation and support the choice making.

It is about your situation – I will find tools and run the process with vision, mission, strategy, goals, plans, control – AND implementation and follow up. I will support you in the turnaround in any necessary area.


Focusing/prioritizing towards your goals

You have the goals but have difficulties in realizing them.


Do you know your Critical Success Factors?

You probably know them or at least some of them. However, there might be some hidden that you are not aware of.


360° communication analysis/plan with emphasis on visibility through facts and target groups

Communication is vital for success, information and dialog can move “mountains”. However, be careful – too many words that just are words can give a negative effect.



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