It is quite odd that we are so many who have chosen a carrier as leader and in fact is passionate about it.


  • It is a job, where you must take the blame for any mistake in your area, give credit and praise to your employees.
  • It is a job, where you constantly have challenges and a huge responsibility for people and their development.
  • It is a job, where you all the time are met with new demands, and you have to fulfill them through others.
  • It is a job, where your boss, leader colleagues and employers, constantly challenges you.
  • It is a job, where you have to be a super human being – always in a good mood, excellent on communication, collaboration, energetic, make decisions, be creative, have great visions, be able to spare about details – and work a lot. You must always answer and take the dialog, regardless how busy you are wither other urgent tasks.
  • You must always be present, both physically and mentally.
  • You must be able to inspire and motivate other people, no matter what their attitude is.
  • You are supposed to have read the latest of thousands of management books.
  • You need to have big self-insight and a strong set of values.
  • In addition, you might become judged as a leader and human being in a way that is not quite fair.

You have also chosen the leadership and I hope you also are passionate about the challenges.


Look here what I can contribute with to your leadership.


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